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by Liz Galante 4 years ago in heartbreak
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Not for the Faint of Heart

Upon falling for someone, you fall for their entirety. You fall for their body: how it moves, how it operates, how it feels next to you and away from you. You fall for the placement of their hands on the small of your back; during a loving embrace, an "I missed you" embrace, and apologetic embrace and an "until next time" embrace. You fall for the way their clothes hang so delicately over their fragile body and the way their hair hangs so helplessly over their porcelain face. You fall for their words. You fall for the way their words read, the way they sound, their ability to enter your mind so forcefully and how they refuse to leave you. long after they have left you. You fall for the way those words curse you with love, or bless you with hate. You fall for their poison, the taste of infidelity staining their lips for the rest of eternity. You fall for the lies you pray aren't real. you fall for the hurt because falling for a hurt you know so well is easier than falling for someone new. Eventually, you fall for a made up character. It is someone you can see, touch and feel but it is someone you do not know. Not anymore.

Love is a poison and it can sometimes do more harm than good. That is why we fall in love. no one means to fall in love. Falling hurts if there is not a true character to catch you.


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Liz Galante

The sunflowers never stop reaching for what they love.

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