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By Karun Published 5 months ago 1 min read

It was still a Friday night

The weekend is yet to begin

The life still glowed

Until the lights were switched off

And when the moon had a cup of coffee

No one knew it was about to happen

I looked at the sky high

The sun was in his bed

The moon had its caffeine

I was sleepless

Indeed fearless

What was ahead tomorrow

The stars brushing their teeth

My eyes closed still awake

Quick memories swept me


A day I never was waiting for

I slept in silence


Dear Dream called up

Looking at the traffic light

I'm lost in the middle media

Margins close border

Where did I start

My home calls me back

I lack the direction


But it is not really

In a maze riding my mind

Dr. Dream

Cure me the medicine

Wait I'm blabbering

In the midnight

In a dream

Cure me the medicine

Cure my following

save my presence

Back not lost, Perfect in sequence

At the entrance, I saw the door close

And the Lock laugh

Mocking my the called back home

Though I left the key in the Traffic signal

I opened The door


Called my Name loud until I woke Up

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🌿✨ Karun, a poet weaving emotions into verses, embarked on the journey of words to unearth the beauty of feelings. In the delicate dance of ink and emotion, my poetry delves into the nexus of the human heart and the natural world.✍️

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    Karun Written by Karun

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