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Embracing the Transience of Time

By Aami_PhoenixPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Hassan Maayiz on Unsplash

In twilight's hue, the sun descends,

Its golden rays, a gentle blend.

Yet shadows creep, their tendrils twine,

Diminishing the light divine.

The vibrant blooms, once filled with grace,

Now wilt and fade in swift embrace.

Their petals droop, their colors wane,

Diminishing their vibrant reign.

A symphony that once did soar,

Now whispers softly, tunes adore.

The melodies, now faint and thin,

Diminishing the music's din.

Love's flame that burned with fervent might,

Now flickers low, a feeble light.

The passion fades, the embers cool,

Diminishing the love's sweet rule.

In life's grand tapestry we find,

The passing of each cherished kind.

But in the ebb, there's beauty still,

Diminishing, yet always will.

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