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by Wynter Adams 2 months ago in surreal poetry

Poems By Dark Romance Author Wynter Adams

Time stands still, in a world with no movement

Colours blend into one, and existence is futile

It’s lonely where I am

No place for the living

A shell of my former self

So volatile and unforgiving

I am no one, and I am nothing

But I exist here for a reason

Under a cold angels touch, I bring fire that freezes

I’m alive only in the shadows

Where mystery loves company

I feel the rain wash over me

But still I’m always alone

I’ll arise from the fallen

And sink into the ashes

A destiny sealed in fate

Along a river that runs red

If I could change what once was

I’d be a soul amongst the living

But darkness prevails

Leaving a trail forever faded…

-Wynter Adams

surreal poetry
Wynter Adams
Wynter Adams
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Wynter Adams

Hello, my name is Wynter Adams, and I am a unique fiction author with a twist! Infusing both slick and stylish method writing into my work, allowing reader's to experience characters and storylines unlike anything they ever have...

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