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Fabric Scissors

A symbol of trust

By Jolene PoulinPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Fabric Scissors
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I sit with my fabric

Undoing what I once did so long ago

Have you used these before, I ask

No, he replies

Good, is my heavy response

We wait in silence

The dull slice of the scissors

goes through the fabric

one snip at a time

Don't, I add

Those are your fabric scissors, he questions

Yes, is my simple reply

I carve through my fabric

unsure if the pull is from

the dull edge of scissors

or the thick weave of thread

I am a butcher and the

fabric my prey

The two work together

scissors and fabric

to create a rhythm

snip snip snip

go the blades of my weapon

rip rip rip

go the threads of my fabric

These scissors need to be sharpened,

I think to myself

Is it the fabric resisting

or is it the scissors

incapable of doing

their job.


About the Creator

Jolene Poulin

I'm an amateur writer with an interest in fiction and general story telling.

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