by galaxus imprum 3 years ago in art

See the world through sight.


Eyes, like galaxies, swimming with a color,

So unnatural, so full of life, soulful,

Beautiful, powerful, like destroyers, dark,

Blue, Brown, Careful, with unseen glory,

Some sort of a sorry, tearful, praised,

Shimmering, basking, untraceable emotional,

Lit by life, full of strife, breathing with

A whisper, death so cold, yet

Melted by fierce, forceful, unsurpassable love.

Touched by a hand, felt by a heart,

Sung by a voice, deep, soft,

Felt by one thousand and four

To a crowd of sour

Faces, places, councils of inanimate

Feelings, provoked by the force of

Those two, tiny, entrancing galaxies of eyes.

galaxus  imprum
galaxus imprum
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