Eye Love (Eye Watch, Eye Listen )

by Blaise Terese about a year ago in sad poetry

A Poem

Eye Love (Eye Watch, Eye Listen )

romance lends a Reassurance

ever so commonly

that what antonyms Narcissus

noted its own adequacy

for entitlement is lost

when prerogatives that Frost

bears the dualistic cross

which covers anathemas with moss.

not a’sposed to—not a’lowed

even with inside voice, not loud

to find the courage in the prowl

of mankind’s oldest game around

what palpitations celluloid

arouse the figurative

on ponders implored of the void

based on heteronormative

by how I should fill receptacles

of established orthodox

comprised of sensation and spectacle

and flattery that mocks

appreciative for astigmatism

that blurs the line of many schisms

swaddled in Art Nouveau’s vine

kudzu consumes with decanter’s wine

when outside asks why

won’t spare with a lie—

I stay in my cautious Cape

because of all the caution tape

that barricade—against charade

saying girls like us don’t really die

at the crimson hands of their own guy

a lonesome luxury to them fye

my party in my chamber

Gives the pleasure of the favor

lessons of the discrete and hushed

though mostly ne’er saw the fuss

jubilance comes in gloaming found

of Witching hour’s indigo crown

that which stretched on sheets of down

and guarded safe in lockets, sound

sad poetry
Blaise Terese
Blaise Terese
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