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Explosive Heart

The Red Room Passion

By Michael O'ConnorPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

I want at times for my fiery soul to burn luminously under the hue of the blue lights in the red rooms late evening.

I want for the delicate, guiding hands of a gentle and hardened female to take my mind to the moon as I explode in a furious, passionate moment of lust brought on by existential humility and wonder.

I wonder what’s held over the road of the unknown.

What hearts are empty and what tears are forgotten.

For having been a host in the dimly lit fashion, the thrill is unequalled, yet the pain is unfathomed.

Treatment of the mortal and tortured mind is found by intuition and short words.

For we are the creatures who lurk in the night, and our immortal souls are untouchable.

We, are the defining statement of humanity’s sickness and it’s profound glory.

We, are the ones who have lived.

So lick that ear, and suck that toe.

We all might not survive in the glow of the red lights.

Stream of ConsciousnessFilthyBlackout

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Michael O'Connor

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