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through darkness

By Ashleigh Nichole WoodwardPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
find the light


life and death in all of their glory

simultaneously telling my story

i can see it all coming from the shadows

in a sudden blinding light

blinking my way through

like life coming from the womb

you are becoming new.

necessity said to believe

in all of the lovely things

from being cramped inside this darkened world

the culmination of what was willed to our consciousness

learning that things are not always what they seem

even in tragedy,

understanding that everything has beauty

forming in the deepest depths of our minds.

everything we are meant to be

while forced to come to the realities of mortality

it can be quite the struggle to endure.

somewhere in the spirit realm

we spend most of our existence

like we are trying to escape from this life

preternaturally loathing an earthly resistance

daydreams become daily things

when positivity comes only when our mind's asleep

is this purpose i'm told i have worth anything?

do i have a reason to even keep going?

the constant thoughts that keep on flowing

is this life of mine even worth knowing?

most of us learned to hate it here.

consistently moving in fear..

questioning myself and who i'll have to be

i live thinking only of these things

solitude and silence are all that waits for me

somehow there's only the darkness to believe

doctors told me this life will be over shortly

will my spirit truly roam free?

is this all i will ever see?

as i await the pull of gravity

staring into the blackened sky that we fall into for eternity

my body somehow knows.

what is health anyway?

is this how life truly goes?

is her power the definition of madness?

will this remove all of the sadness?

god only knows who this vessel holds

boom! there she goes.

Mental Health

About the Creator

Ashleigh Nichole Woodward

i am the light, fighting for my life.

stiff person syndrome warrior.



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