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by Yvonne Lovejoy about a year ago in inspirational
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Color Theory of My Life


I don’t ever want to be

Without shades and tints

A color in the crayon box

That children use to print.


Many brilliant colors

Live throughout my life

Ever-changing gradients

Depend on joy and strife.


Pale colors of my youth

Pink, yellow, green and blue

Replaced by the brighter colors

In every possible hue.


In my life’s darker times

I add a little gray

White is added to the colors

When it’s a happy day.


What I’ve learned through it all

Life happens to be hard

The trials I’ve had to go through

Have left my psyche scarred.


Weathering stormy grays

Does strengthen my resolve

To appreciate better times

Letting my soul evolve.


About the author

Yvonne Lovejoy

Writing has always been a part of me. My dream could die with failure or would live on if I never tried. Time for that to change. Follow me https://linktr.ee/YvonneWriting and be sure to click like on any stories you enjoy.

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