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Everyone Has a Past

by Briana Willis 4 years ago in inspirational
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Everyone Has a Future

Yes I have scars.

Yes, I've had broken hearts.

I used to hide them...

I would wrap my arms around

Anxiety and insecurity,

And shy away.

But through everything, I know

That my He's my hope

He had me go through what I did

So, now I am PROUD of my scars, PROUD of the broken hearts,

PROUD of the tears I've shed.

He stores them all in His bottle.

Nothing I've been through is ever

Or will ever be wasted.

I'm thankful for the lessons

I've learned and the friends I've

Said goodbye to


About the author

Briana Willis

Hello fellow artists!!

Thanks for reading my poems and stories. I hope you enjoy and leave me a comment on what your thoughts are.

Thanks!! 😊😊

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