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Ever Lethal

by Sara Wynn 2 months ago in surreal poetry
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Ever Lethal
Photo by Mike Yukhtenko on Unsplash

Only darkness, I imagine,

but peaceful, however lonely,

without feeling, on a tangent,

never lethal for ongoing

surly sweetness, no direction…

Disgraceful, dour testimony

accounts no thing, no good mention;

sever Evil, God’s Undoing,

devour Beings, Earth’s Henchman;

deceitful Soil, flower hungry.

Bony, heartless Time Suspension,

treasure loved ones beyond saving.

Somewhere you hold my redemption;

never truthful, nor enslaving,

making no single exception.

Deceitful soil, flower hungry,

surly sweetness, no direction,

making no single exception.

Surly sweetness, no direction

making no single exception;

making no single exception.

Surly sweetness, no direction,

ever lethal, for ongoing,

without feeling, on a tangent...

surreal poetry

About the author

Sara Wynn

I am a singer and poetry is my language; I am a child of God and the Earth is my playground.


All of my poetry is original work and I maintain exclusive ownership over it. Please cite me when sharing! TIA.

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