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Eternity's Wealth

Time is Money....?

By Christian LeePublished 9 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read
Eternity's Wealth
Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

Who's seen a moment bent to fame

The arrow picked among as fruits

And partnered with the bow, an ease

Enduring solitude of dreams,

Or even loneliness itself—

But either way a beauty earned?


The things recurring come well-earned,

Inciting lads to fight for fame

Carnality wrapped in itself.

They come as gifts, just as the fruits

Of eminence that brews from dreams,

The charm of tea, the steam at ease.


How strange to come about this ease;

Reflecting through the freedom earned

One sees a world of drifting dreams,

The sinking edifice of fame

Returning to its roots from fruits,

Renewal through a death itself.


A tree shall then renew itself—

The flesh just all the same, at ease,

The toil of coitus birthing fruits

Who learn much later wisdom earned…

Who's seen such moments bent to fame

Enduring solitude of dreams?


Or do they plead for life those dreams?

No oddity the eye itself

Has witnessed growth to prickly fame,

Where feigned success a form of ease

Which isn’t ease, the terrors earned

With wisdom burned, the fall of fruits.


But not all toxic mars the fruits;

The ground competes with daring dreams

Not losing sight of what comes earned

Along the way, while change itself

Brings clout to mind—but at what ease?

Fire, folk, fury, fissure, fame!


Oh, fame that comes of age in fruits;

No ease in launching off those dreams

Where time itself memento earned.

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About the Creator

Christian Lee

My nom de plume is Lee Arachnid; think: spider-poet. Here you will find non-fiction and poetry. I interweave elements of nature and my personal experience into uniquely crafted stories. I love idleness, Felidae, literature, and soundscapes.

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