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Eternal Love

Beyond the Sands of Time

By Patrick Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Beyond the Sands of Time

 In realms where time holds no sway,
A love transcends each fleeting day.
Through ages past and ages yet to be,
Our souls entwined, forever free.

Like ancient stars that grace the night,
Our love burns with a steadfast light.
Beyond the bounds of mortal might,
We soar on love's ethereal flight.

Through the annals of history's lore,
Our love endures, forevermore.
No tempest's fury, no tempest's roar,
Can quench the flame we both adore.

For in this timeless, sacred space,
Our love finds solace, finds embrace.
Eternal love, a hallowed grace,
We'll share till stars no longer trace.

Together, we'll weave a tale sublime,
A love that defies the bounds of time.
In realms unknown, our hearts shall climb,
Forever bound, forever thine.

nature poetryperformance poetryinspirationalfact or fiction

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