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ESTJ "The Charismatic Conqueror"


By Diorino GalvanoPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
ESTJ 3w4

With leader's heart and mind, the ESTJ,

A soul of duty, ever strong and sure,

They orchestrate with purpose, clear and true,

And guide their kin with logic's sharp allure.

Though some may find their gaze a touch too keen,

Their sharp critiques, a tempest's passing squall,

Beneath it lies a loyalty unseen,

A steadfast love that rises up and all

Encompasses their world in order's grace.

The ESTJ, a fortress built to last,

A stoic shield against a world's embrace,

Yet deep within, a yearning, held amassed.

For in their core, a hidden ember glows,

A thirst for growth, where intuition flows.

artsurreal poetrySonnetslam poetryperformance poetryMental Healthinspirational

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Diorino Galvano

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Eneagram Type: 5w6

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