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The Vague Thoughts of a Poet

By E.A. WilcoxPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
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Established by identity.

Established by what? By beauty.

Enthralled by it.

By beauty.

The tools you make it with.

The craft you’ve become accustomed to.

These are the thin walls you listen through.

Words muffled by materials.

Materials going round and round.

LIke after like. Needing more and more.

You’re an addict delivered to your own front door.

Enthralled by it, aren’t you?

Standard home living.

A vagabond on a planet you’re trashing.

A nomad in no man’s land.

Photoesque background for your convenience.

Melting faces behind your shades.

Expelling toxic waste -

Expelling toxic positivity.

Yes, we’ll be okay. Yes, we’re holding on to longevity.

Established by identity.

Enthralled by beauty.

Surroundings that tell your story.

A perspective that never seems to say sorry.

Sorry, not sorry.

Not sayin’ just sayin’

Throwing sand back in our eyes.

It’s not your fault, okay guys?

We’re all calling for something new.

It’s not as new as we knew.

It’s more new than what we’ve seen or gone through.

Talking about cheap. Talking is cheap.

You’ve heard all these words through paper walls.

A demon of your own assumptions.

No need to clarify when you’ve got your pride.

I just say it as I see it right?

That’s not where we’re going.

That’s not how we’re fighting.

No one tired you out except you.

A solo argument between you, yourself, and well you.

We’re not pointing fingers.

Come into these open arms.

I’ll hold you tight until you get things wrong.

Let’s talk things out until I want you gone.

Established by your own self-made identity.

A painful perspective of what looks like a beauty.

Turning into the time and space where you need things.

Love, hope, faith.

Love, home, a change of pace.

Detox the air without spending money.

Look outside without taking pictures.

Read the words on another page without burning them down like bridges.

Cross the rivers along the middle and not the edges.

Established by identity?

Enthralled by your beauty.

Enthralled by your authenticity.

Enthralled by how you love and live freely.

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E.A. Wilcox

Book dragon, word shifter, molder, maker.

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    E.A. WilcoxWritten by E.A. Wilcox

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