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ESFP "The Bold Trailblazer"


By Diorino GalvanoPublished about a month ago 1 min read
ESFP 8w7

With hearts ablaze, ESFP souls ignite,

A warmth infectious, spreading pure delight.

In life's grand stage, they tread with playful grace,

Embracing moments, at a frenetic pace.

The world's a canvas, vibrant, ever new,

With senses keen, they drink in every hue.

No idle dreamers, but with action's fire,

They chase their goals, with bold and keen desire.

Yet underneath the laughter and the glee,

An undercurrent, strong and wild runs free.

A thirst for challenge, a rebellious streak,

They push the boundaries, what's tame they seek.

But like a beacon, through the tempest's roar,

Their loyal hearts will shine forevermore.

For ESFP, with spirit unconfined,

Leaves joy's bright trail for all of humankind.

artsurreal poetryStream of ConsciousnessSonnetslam poetryperformance poetryMental Healthinspirational

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Diorino Galvano

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Eneagram Type: 5w6

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