We are more than just the lengths of our hair

The size of our breasts

Or the shape of our ass

We are beautiful within

What your eyes allow you to see is our canvas

A shell of a soul

Pass the white, black, brown, yellow of the melanin on our skin

We are strong

We are not here to

Satisfy your preferences of beauty

Beauty does not lie at your feet, sir

To be beautiful my hair doesn't have to be down my ass

Or my breast high up on my chest

My crooked smile doesn't have to please you

Open up your misogynistic eyes

To see us as your equal

Perfect imperfections

Picture is not by me.

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Branslie Muffin0x Gilles

I love to write, dance, sing. pretty much get lost into myself 

Hopefully with my stories and poetry you can relate and you like them 🙂

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