Epoch Witness

by Adam Rivers about a year ago in surreal poetry

A History of the Universe

Epoch Witness
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Epoch witness

Father time visiting his 3 o'clock mistress

Cheating on space unlocking the viscous

Kicked in the cock here comes the sickness

Spewing out just about everything in existance

Big bang attack going a bloody long distance

Refusing to stop expanding even against the resistance

Rainbow helixes drill holes into creation

Bright giants align in a pin prick formation

Hole punched shapes or massive constellations

Supernova bangs into growing gangs of a class based foundation

As Nobel men do very little while iron workers man their stations

As this whole complication builds a cycle of generations

The radiation reaches far and wide just waiting for observation

Perfect pebbles trace ovals in a cosmic spiralizer

Dew drops spread into oceanic masses with a tempest's temper

Ingredients for life all thrown in a blender

One part per billion claims the title of originator

Repetitive divorce settlements form streams of beings for the natural mischief-maker

Evolving into things from the bizarre brush strokes of a painter

Strange animal

Drags itself out a shallow pool changing what it moves towards

Strange animal

Back bone standing tall and front legs no longer scrape the floor

Strange animal

Hungry with its spears drawn watch the woolly mammoth fall

Strange animal

Finding all the land to sprawl and wiping out Neanderthal

Strange animal

Hiding behind a shield wall just wishing for a simple brawl

Strange animal

Wrapping chains around a brother's paws simply to increase their gold

Strange animal

Bullets fly for a nation's goal

Watch the world become flammable.

surreal poetry
Adam Rivers
Adam Rivers
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