Chapter 2


My name is Lindsay.

And Heroin is my game.

Suddenly became the only way to stay sane.

Hitting the same vein multiple times in a day.

Friends and family begin to realize I'm startin to fray.

Cause all I really wanna do is just stay away.

My demons begin to be the only ones to stay.

I've been headed down this road for too many years to count.

That even I am startin to doubt.

How many times can one literally lose their life?

And be pulled back to the earth without any strife?

Oxygen hits the brain with one fowl gasp.

Suddenly I begin to realize,

By the look that's in all of their eyes...

Now the sickness hits me and I'm starting to regret.

I cry out for help.

But nothing shall be done yet.

sad poetry
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