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Endless Colors

by Marianna Felfoldi about a year ago in inspirational
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The Shades of Me

I am every single color

that ever there has been,

born of such angry reds

and the most envious of greens,

but I’m as much the pink of love

as I am the blue-violet of doom

and not a day goes by

that my voice does not boom.

For all of the varieties

of a hundred thousand rainbows.

For all the notoriety

of bluish-white Christmas snow.

For all of this and so much more,

such reasons to be thankful for.

You could name a million hues,

far more than man could see,

and still you’d have merely half

of all the marvels I can be.

I remain unmarred by frames,

uncontained, outside the lines.

I’m a stain, a blotch, an ocean,

and I think that’s just fine.

Far better to be flowing free

in a vivid river of shades

than to forget, for even a second,

that in the moment I was made,

the mold was broken, thrown away,

so that there may never come a day

when anyone quite like me

could ever again happen to be.

I am an original. A masterpiece.

My wonders shall not be leashed.


About the author

Marianna Felfoldi

An open minded, highly motivated, hardworking, safety conscious, polite and caring person.

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