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End of It

by Sir Wiggles 6 months ago in surreal poetry
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A break up πŸ’”

End of It
Photo by eberhard πŸ– grossgasteiger on Unsplash

we're all running at different speeds

I've lost my energy disconnect from the synergy

just feel the need to bleed and you couldn't see what I could be

cause you disbelieve in possibilities

And couldn't you agree

That waves collide

all around me?

It astounds me

Feeling disconnected with my surroundings

And my head keeps on pounding

Of the sounding

My thoughts are way too loud, see?

You caught me by the surprising

While threats arising

On a path to my demising

And you I can not bring

as I put you on a sling

Once was a time when I wanted to sing

Now I fly on this broken wing

Never once in my life did I feel such a sting

And it's interesting

Of the lesson

Of receiving blessing

Fixing the misdirection

this is my confession

Feel like I'm on a mission

Because of a vision

Will anyone listen

Wish this weight would lessen

of the situations pressing

Always getting knocked up in life undressing

Going through strife

Within the night

Where is the light

Within this vice

Didn't think twice

Thought this would be nice

But now I'm filled with fright

Things are getting tight

Always getting into fights

Afraid of these heights

Solid ground no longer within our sight

And I wonder what is the price

Of this life

Even though nothing's right

Just a constant plight

My head is feeling kinda light

From the mixed messages

in a world of savages

And nobody manages

To pay the price

We hope and pray' yet

always wanting more

what else you got in store or am I gonna score

What is it that you deplore

got me feeling poor

Life is feeling hoarse

from the discourse

Feeling this remorse

Like this is some kind of sport

From me, myself to I

I just want divorce

Stuck on this tilta-whirl

Our feelings in swirls

Going quite nuts

just like a squirrel

What is all the fuss?

Why have this quarrel

Tried to tame me and maim me

quite drove me crazy

Called me a baby and why I'm lazy

So much that's hazy

Not so gravy

Life is supposed to be amazing

To focus on the main things

Be on the same lane

And it's a damn shame

I've lost the flame

Can no longer be tamed

Nor maimed or lamed

fighting all this pain

can not lose the sane

You all sound the same

Playing the same game

getting you all no fame

Maybe your life you need to rearrange

Stop being plain

and refrain

From causing so much pain

and driving yourself insane

Am I selfish for just

wanting the same thing

I know that you're in pain

yet only it's pain that we bring

I know this is what you see

Ended in catastrophe

not so happily

it's the Fappening

Feel the seductress of lust

and just thrust till bust

But the shine is starting to rust

as we constantly fuss

choking on our dust as we cuss

Can we put away the past

and just flush?

Will there ever be a

just us?

I don't see the justice

only injustice

You're filled with explosives

I hope that you know this

Paving a path like a locomotive

Only tried to be supportive

You questioned my motive

Angry cause I couldn't hold it

Feeling lost in the ocean

And let this declare

if we want to fix this

Or just always be suspicious

Created something superstitious

And vicious

But one day we're gonna miss this

We wouldn't listen

to our lessons

No counting blessings

Constantly flexing

Putting on

curses and hex's

Problems laying from here to Texas

I'm not one to mess with

You tried to diss me

I missed it

I am not malicious

I just know you're not with this

Something's missing

I feels like into the wind that I'm pissing

We're starting to fission

Creating a prison

To the end that we're living

Stuck and never leaving

Don't even know the reason or meaning

must be the feigning

As we people pleasing and teasing

Eye-to-eye we aren't seeing

Our souls we should be freeing

Yet to my ideas you are constantly sleeping

and all the critiquing

Got this negativity creeping

My love you had you're no longer keeping

This is a lesion from a terrible season

Now you got me heaving and weeping

both committed treason

This time no retrieving

What aren't we comprehending?

Stuck in this cage you made to just degrade and fade

and then take the key away from me

all my fantasies

Got me wondering

my heart you're plundering

Anger thundering

No more comforting

Can no longer afford to be

Only part of me

Words destroying me

not so cordially

You're ignoring me

Set myself free

from blinding exctacy

No longer do I need

You here with me

are you hearing me?

surreal poetry

About the author

Sir Wiggles

My name is Zachary. I am 33 years old. I was in the USMC for 4 years. I am an inspiring writer and have not yet had anything published. I write fiction and poetry. A theme i focus on is conspiracy.

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