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By Nikki Say it NowPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

You changed me for the good then you damaged me for the worst.

You ask me what you did and I pointed to where it hurts.

I pointed to the heart that was full and now it lays there empty.

It was empty since the day you left me.

You got my heart on E, so you tricked me good.

If there was a valid reason to why, I would’ve understood.

But you taped your mouth shut and walked out like a punk.

If they ask me “why,” I would have no response.

Cause I had no clue.

I had no news.

He just left me out of the blue and left me. completely confused.

My heart remains empty.

Now, I sit on this empty bed trying to figure out what caused you to leave.


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Nikki Say it Now

Hello my name is Nikki. I have two blog sites; one is my poetry blog site and the other is my news media blog site. My dreams is to be a journalist.

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