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Embracing the Beauty & Bitterness of Cold Seasons

A Poem That Captures Both the Enchantment & Solitude of Winter

By Miss RiyaPublished 5 months ago • 1 min read
Embracing the Beauty & Bitterness of Cold Seasons
Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

Under moonlit skies, white blanket falls

Snowflakes gracefully descending from above

Crisping sound, a symphony calls

Leaden breath and frosty ground I move

Beneath this starry night's enchanted spell

I stroll these streets familiar yet unspoiled

By warm hearth, crackling flames alithee shone

Glowing embers cast an orange tint

Flickerings dance within each woodbine blazed

Old wooden chestnut roars its firebrand laid

A storybook scene, snugness fills my core

Childhood memories long lost revived once more

But then my gaze turns back toward the dark sky

Whence snow began its wintry dance to play

Upon the horizon looms a lonely form

Shadowed figure moving aimlessly away

How cruel life is, to leave us thus alone

Adrift in midst of storm we must face each flaw

Yet somewhere deep inside, hidden from view

Is hope that guides towards warmer days anew

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Miss Riya

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