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Embracing home is embracing you in the end!

by Sofia Duarte about a year ago in inspirational
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Embracing Home

Embracing home is embracing you in the end!
Photo by Marco Bianchetti on Unsplash

Heaven or hell, where am I?

Once I open my eyes, I can’t say why

Magical feelings come and arise,

Everlasting moments come as surprise!


If you knew my life, you would cry.

Secrets we all have, but can we just survive?


You can be better!

One thing I am sure:

Urges can be good, or even bitter…

Rest assured that you are alive within your core!


Love conquers all, so they say,

Once you feel it you will know.

Void seems real, can’t you say?

In our battles, we win if we survive.

Nothing is stronger than being alive!

Grudges are nothing to bringing tomorrow.


Home, that place in time or space?

Unchanged in our hearts, emotion seems

Going through tears. I can’t keep the pace!


Sooner or later I can hug you again.

A memory of our love is the best way to smile,

Under this weather of emotion and rain.

Dear father, mother, and friend…

Always keep in mind that I am loving you, again and again.

Days go by and we will meet again!

Embracing home is embracing you in the end!

Thank you for your time reading this! You can check more poems on my profile or in the table below.


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