I just elated, Im hated , people stay demonstratin,

true colors revealed, when they get elevated.

And all for speakin on truth, you mad cause you is fakin.

This me, all in the makin. So sorry, you mistaken.

I am as real as it gets, thats how I stay elated.

How many times have you encountered this?

Proud in this bitch, its hilarious,

peep game on how yall play your shit.

Most of these bitches keep it counterfit.

That why I focus, and stay on my grip.

Mind my biz and keep stackin these chips.

Most of these boppers, they all broke tho.

They lost they flow, they searching for more,

Stay full of envy and dont even know.

Man, I spot these flocks everywhere I go.

I smile and stay elated on these hoes.

slam poetry
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