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By Phephen Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 1 min read

Time smeared across the road as tension grew within the jeep.

Screaming silenced my words and I fell deeper into the back seat.

The world spun around me within the metal cage

My existence blurred by their powerful rage.

Tumbling out of a the mobile prison,

I try to hide the flowing crimson.

Bleached asphalt throws sun in my eyes

I run to the field overrun by flies.

The brittle grass stabs my feet.

And all I want is to crawl beneath...

Suddenly time began to shift;

And crippling dread started to lift.

Shadows poured down from a cloudless sky

The crickets burst in melody; birds began to fly.

The summer heat crashed as a chill took flight.

I watched as the day turned into night.

Fire blazed all around; the horizon turned deathly red

I heard the whispering and my eyes were drawn

To a thin white circle above my head.

The Moon arose to take her throne

And the Sun adorned her frame.

The heavens tethered my flesh and bone;

I drifted up into midnight flame.

A chilling energy rushes up my spin;

My body raptured in cosmic rhyme.

My soul is cast into the void of space,

Where stars danced in clouds of lace.

Ancient gods merged into a single dark eye

Free of deceit, filter, or stye.

Day's Fire hidden by the Midnight Queen,

So that for a brief moment, I could be seen...

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I'm a classic 4 with ginger hair.

Insta: @stepehngeenphoto

Twitter: @soulandtonic

Raid Shadow Legends Link: https://link.plrm.zone/app/llsd1

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