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Echoes of the Wild


By Reyan AliPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Echoes of the Wild
Photo by Thomas Bonometti on Unsplash

Beneath the moon's enchanting glow,

Amidst the night's eternal show,

In forests deep where shadows dance,

Resounds a chorus of wild romance.

Echoes carried on winds so free,

A haunting call, a symphony,

Piercing the silence, fierce and true,

The howling of wolves breaks through.

Oh, listen now, with open ear,

To nature's anthem, loud and clear,

A primal rhythm, untamed and bold,

A tale of hunger, untold.

Their voices rise in unison,

A song of longing, ancient and spun,

A yearning for the untrodden path,

A bond unbroken, hearts amassed.

Through starlit night, they roam the land,

In search of prey, a daring band,

Their spirits fierce, their souls alive,

Survival's dance, a thrilling dive.

In every note, a message we find,

Of unity, strength, and ties that bind,

For in the pack, they find their might,

Guided by instinct, keen and bright.

The moon, a witness to their cries,

Illuminates the wilderness skies,

As shadows shift and forests sway,

A wild enchantment fills the way.

Their howls, a tribute to the wild,

A testament to freedom's child,

In every note, a tale unfolds,

Of legends ancient, yet untold.

So let us join this ancient song,

Embrace the wild where we belong,

And in the howling winds we'll find,

The echoes of our untamed mind.

nature poetry

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