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Echoes of Pricks

A Elegy for Lost Memories

By Idogho OghalePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Echoes of Pricks
Photo by Lisa Woakes on Unsplash

Title: Echoes of Pricks

Subtitle: A Elegy for Lost Memories

In silent chambers, they lie dormant, Tiny sentinels, memories torrent. Each slender lance carries tales unspoken, Of shattered hopes, and dreams broken.

Whispers forgotten, in the void they dwell, Laughter's echo, a distant knell. Every pin, a relic, a silent plea, Piercing the veil of our reverie.

Once cherished, now abandoned, they wait, Like withered petals, sealing fate. Their sheen dulled, their essence frayed, In the tapestry of despair, they're displayed.

Through fragile fabric, they yearn to break free, Craving release from their captivity. Yet bound they remain, in the web of despair, Etched in sorrow, beyond repair.

Oh, pins of anguish, in the cloak of night, Illuminate our sorrow, stark and bright. May your pricks remind us of love's bitter toll, And the fragments of joy, buried in the soul.

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Idogho Oghale

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