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Eavles and Kord

by Barb Dukeman 3 months ago in slam poetry

Nonsense makes sense

Under a knobby-looking oak

I sit, on a cement bench

shaped like a coffin for tall people.

That obtrusive sun

seeping through the leaves of the trees

and attacks me and my sight

I Look Away.


My eye catches

A Bright red-silver blue patch

of litter.

A Pepsi-can, perhaps, but the size

of a dime.

I'm hypnotized.

I cannot look away.

It's so bright and my sight is

held captive.

The wind

This silly piece of garbage is


Why can't I

the Wind

look away?

I'm the prisoner of a vengeful sun.

I can only concentrate on the

glitter and glow of this

reflection of an evil being - -

WIND teases my face and I blink.

Free at last

Free at last.

slam poetry

Barb Dukeman

Ready for a new direction after 32 years of teaching high school English. I wrote my first poem about green socks in 1977; I hope I've improved since then.

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Barb Dukeman
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