Dyspraxic Magic

That’s not going to drown me because I’ve got mermaid genes.

Dyspraxic Magic
Image by Engin Akyurt

I’m getting sick of the same excuses,

Some of the people calling truces,

Because whenever I share,

The only time they want to care,

Is if it shines a harsh light on them.

You can’t pacify me with half-arsed intentions;

Don’t be deceived:

The lake may be still but it reflects everything—

So please don’t leave a floater in my waters,

Like weeds my anger grows.

It’s no good fishing in my waters:

You actually have to dive—

To see just how deep my pain runs,

And wonder how I came out alive.

You must have thought you’d caught me,

Oh, yes – hook, line and sinker!

Ignorance can manifest,

When we put on the blinkers.

If I don’t see straight away,

I see eventually.

Lesson to learn about me:

I don’t give up easily.

What you did in the past,

It can become nothing.

To me this isn’t unique,

People give it to you all,

And then drop the ball.

Please just don’t remind me of things you did,

It doesn’t change the later things you said:

They are jellyfish still stinging in my head.

And if you didn’t mean it,

You wouldn’t have expressed it.

Mustered all my courage to come to you,

Take it out on me just because you’re stressed.

If you don’t appreciate my efforts,

I’ll just use them elsewhere;

Oh, like in this poem here!

I’ll exercise my honesty,

If you want to escape now,

I’ll just throw you the key—

Transparent is all I’m trying to be,

Just like you were with me.

There are a few more points I would like to make:

Discrimination is discrimination,

Ignorance is ignorance.

So when you partly excuse them,

And say I’m sensitive,

I don’t give a damn,

Watch how my rivers flow—

It’s part of who I am,

And it will help me grow.

So that’s not going to drown me,

Because I’ve got mermaid genes—

Go ahead: adopt that poise,

I’ll be swimming in turquoise.

It initially broke my heart,

It had to end this way.

I’m grateful for things you taught me,

On this very day.

But I just have to release this:

Experience runs true.

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Amber Forest
Amber Forest
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