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'Time passing can’t reach me while I crash through it clearly.'

By Kira StevensPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
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intrinsic motivation

where you at bruh

I'm missing you like I had you once

but maybe I made you up

perhaps a substance makes my silence

too loud

for me to listen

to my mind currently crumbling

but it's also sparkly


it's all good


maybe there's something wrong in me

I think

therefore I am



held up outside serenity

that won't let me in

out of the cold

I'm blowing through

I can sit neither still nor down

for an entire year I've seemed

to keep driving around

with neither a destination

nor any intention

of finding one

addicted to wind

I think I might be

because through glass

time passing can’t reach me

while I crash through it clearly

over and over

never beginning

without ending

ignition to life

is inside here

but I don't want to touch it

because then I'd have to steer

and that simply scares me

enough to stay sitting up

while the world moves around me


like how I wish I could be

yet never try

Copyright © 2018, Kira Stevens

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