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Drink Boredom and the future

3 poems about life

By Peter RosePublished 6 months ago 6 min read

I need a drink

by Peter Rose

The day has gone bad

all around are sad

promises not kept

girls have wept

So hard to think

so I need a drink.

I have tried the brightest

till face seems tightest

the smile in face of pain

hope to radiate the gain

yet all around do sink

so I need a drink

No good turn goes un-punish

Mr Wild sour not funnies

To lift all moods of discontent

my aim, but risked the rent

no cash to bring a lighter link

so I need a drink.

Rhymes pour out of mind

seeking similar of kind.

Sadness it does entwine

that love of mine.

No meeting at the brink

so I need a drink.

I am flat broke

just like most folk.

without a bean

heard not seen.

certain no mink

I need a drink.

The dog needs shoes,

a beggars ruse.

cash to collect,

insult, to the intellect.

but who dares think?

I need a drink

church men fat and round

hark only to distant sound

we poor at their door

are not what prayers are for

we are being allowed to sink

I need a drink

politicians wail and weep

safe in medieval keep

pass laws on how men may speak

yet most have souls that reek

when has one dared to think

I need a drink


The future for humanity

by Peter Rose

In times before steam , when the horse was the king.

When workers needed strength of muscle only,

educating workers did not add to wealth making.

When industrial processes stopped the use of pony,

workers who could read and write became a must.

Now we have technology so complex,

all old social structures have turned to rust.

Workers need degrees in science just to send a text.

So now we educate numbers in great masses,

but automate the work to reduce numbers needed.

Leaving nations with surplus lads and lasses,

and only good pay for cleverest who succeeded.

Equality of choice is a sad myth.

Politics of lies rules these days,

certainty is that some humans have a gift,

more valued than bright suns rays.

They are not better people, nor even more wise,

but when value is measured just in cash,

privilege comes from raised with intellect of size,

long gone are days when value was in courage rash.

We have populations so very vast,

yet robots to work and lower costs.

We educate the young to expect things to last,

then change to rules lest profits do frost.

Even if business has a conscience, they to can fail,

when only money made more and more,

is measure of a success not frail.

If not make greater profit, the boss is shown the door.

So now we have waiters with degrees,

and millions with no ambition,

unless we count lust for pop star fees.

There should be ruling elite in contrition,

yet they tell their lies; and hope things will change.

These the ones who should make things happen,

press on and live in freedoms wide range.

The great truth the population needs capping,

is one that they fear to share.

They make laws of what can be said,

claiming this is their great care,

and ignore tomorrows dread.

What great leap of science, of great invention,

will expand our needs for human souls?

What great progress of human momentum,

will push us as steam did in days of old.

Grasping travel to the stars, and reaching,

for a destiny, can not happen,

if this years profit is all we are seeking.

We must expand our reach and never slacken.

Stagnations leads to death and decay,

so reach out and make the effort,

else humanity will have had its day.

Humans have evolved from primeval churning,

our minds developed, to lift to great heights.

In the times we have now, many are returning,

to mindless survival and moronic rights.

We pander to evil, considering ourselves compassionate,

Life has to be so much more than physical survival.

Yet every media station praises false celebrity passionate.

Let us change to become, every human perfection to rival.

We are all different and bring fresh foods to the feast,

let all develop talents and become complete

let each one add to the whole all valued as the least.

Fewer people but all living life replete.

Valued for what they add, not the cash they take,

Sweep away the laws en mass, do no harm by intent,

this the only rule of law,harm done by mistake,

atonement to those that lost, should be sent.

Politicians and those bureaucrats, all similarly false

have usurped the power of simple life.

Real humanity has been robbed of its pulse,

complexity and false values have become so rife.

We need both food and shelter safe from storm,

freedom to live and breath and work our minds.

Now all else has robbed us of our norm.

We all bring differences to the rhymes,

with fewer and freedom to succeed,

in individual aims and goals.

Each bringing more others to feed,

from ideas way out of normal souls.

All is valued for the effort,

not for payment vast and obscene.

Forget all lawyers and laws of tort,

Justice must reign serene.



That most destructive of human situations,

the mind of those who lack the confidence,

to try what's new, seek novelty from without.

Entertain me is the cry, spend money or I weep.

Sit and watch endless vision, other minds fill their time.

Thinking is never part of life, believe all told in media

they seek new entertainments but never a risk do take.

Bored they seek to hurt, whoever is in range.

Worst of ideas allowed in their minds,

better to them than creating new.

So no to every offering, bored and crushed by life

depression follows hard close by

never seek reason why

others to blame always clear

never themselves cause their fear.

Esteem is low but want others to show

claim others taken their happiness

claim only others can give it back

only buying entertainment, never make their own.

Others always to carry blame

no blame exists but can be made, in idle minds

this is the territory in which Soap operas feed

when mindless trash is feed to the mindless bored

seeking expansion of creative mind

is never an aim

is never to succeed.

TV shows of other peoples pain

to entertain the bored of the land

how can esteem be raised and expectation felt

when all they see is endless trash.

I am old and so being alone with my thoughts is not new

Many of the young seem they can not cope without

gadgets that supply constant alternative to thought.

Why is this, are they so afraid of their own thinking?

Or is it silence that scares them so much ?

May be without some external distraction

they have to face the reality of themselves?

Winter comes with chilling cold,

driving sheep into their fold

we humans retreat to fire and hearth

dreading taking colder bath.

TV is full of dreary rubbish,

all celebrities with no talent yet publish

even worse, entertainment by others pain

family rows all to Kyles great gain

fake reality repeats again

and again


What is life if no stimulation? Can it be mindless

acceptance of rubbish labelled entertainment?

At least a quiz offers brain engagement.

Boredom hangs around the neck

like fish caught in fine mesh net.

Too cold to venture far outside,

too old to leave cosy fireside.

Use the mind to create mystic world,

where anything you wish can be unfurled.

Close your eyes and see furtherest still,

ride your imagination for biggest thrill.

Take paper and a pen, draw almost anything,

like a kitten and a ball of string.

Follow where it unravels loose,

your mind, when free, strong as Zeus.

Boredom stagnates the will

and this only raises your health bill.

When mind and body cease to move,

sliding to death along silk smooth groove.

Life cycle is plain to all who watch,

birth to death ticking like a clock.

Before death can take all away

stagnation holds you in its sway.

When both mind and body lay so still,

when spirit stays silent as abandoned mill,

death comes, hailed by boredom's call.

Visits early those in TV thrall.

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Peter Rose

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