Dreams of Terror

For you to feel as you feel right

Dreams of Terror

Wrapped in one’s own grief

And blinded by your strife

Shall nothing go unnoticed

Until the middle of the night.

Where light will come from pastures black

And people of honour

Will let their honour slack.

And when your cards have been played

And screams been heard,

Your dreams will be slain

But your memory not stirred.

And whilst you shiver in total fear

No angel will come;

No solution appear.

Let the darkness set in

Let the sound disappear

So the largest of screams

Nobody will hear

For you are alone and nobody is there

So welcome to my world

Where I am your greatest scare!

surreal poetry
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Joshua Lino-da Costa

I've been writing for years. Not always great... but it means a lot to me

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