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Dreams & Visions

by Micah Davidson 3 years ago in fact or fiction
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A Poem

What's the difference between a dream and a vision


A decision

Fact or fiction

Getting down and putting in work

Or looking up and just wishing

Getting up every time that you find yourself slipping

or at your first fall getting comfortable sitting

Finding help from those that have already completed your mission

or getting lost on opinion form an uncrossable schism

I mean if you started going blind would you not see an optician

Get a helping hand if you need to put the key in the ignition

I'm not gonna lie lately I've been slipping

My mind has lately been focused on quitting

Timelines not going to plan

Lost sight of the nitty gritty of life

Trapped myself with own pressure but still I find these timelines kinda nice

People say not to worry things will happen when the time is right

But nah not at all I declare this time is mine

And I guess that's the difference that I would define

I mean, I'd always encourage these hope and these dreams

But hoping and dreaming has never achieved jack

Like going to a buffet and waiting to get served

You just end up belly flat with empty plate

Try and grab a bite as they ask you to leave but time has already ticked to late

But why wait

Fear of the struggle

Pain is always the result of training muscles

And no doubt you'll end up getting a few feathers rustled

But sometimes you put your foot down like Brussels and say

I'm a do me

fact or fiction

About the author

Micah Davidson

My name is Micah and in essence I am writer. I write about whatever is on my mind and my mind drifts a lot. I write page poetry, performance poetry, music, and every now and again I dabble in some short story writing.

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