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Dreaming By the Moonlight

In the Dreamtime

By Kent BrindleyPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Dreaming By the Moonlight
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Another night to sleep and rest

Perchance to dream of what is best;

or maybe WORST to disturb this slumber

A nightmare to place my heart and mind assunder.

A dream, in particular, I still remember in the forefront of my mind

Though retelling may not quite do it kind...

One beach, one crush, myself; in the twilight Summer air

Joined on a date by Summer's eve, and neither of us with many more cares.

A chance for a kiss, even in a blatant dream, this just might

Be my moment to make things right.

A moment passes; a disruption!

Who is this to enter the world with such interruption???

A glance to tell an interloper to take flight,

In return for a chance to make love mine this night.

But, wait, behold; who's THIS here?

An ELEMENTARY schoolmate I once held dear???

More, they keep coming; my mind is thoroughly distracted!

Past friends (who've NEVER AGED) own my attention; and my former affections are redacted.

Teenage me and a teenage cheerleader, interrupted.

By ageless 9-10 year old chums; my dreams disrupted...

Alas, the woes of little old me;

I've lost the girl; even IN my dreams.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Kent Brindley

Smalltown guy from Southwest Michigan

Lifelong aspiring author here; complete with a few self-published works always looking for more.


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