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Dream Girl

a love I hope to find

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Dream Girl
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

In whispered dreams, where shadows softly creep,

A vision forms, a girl I long to keep.

Not carved from marble, nor a painted face,

But in my heart, a dream I can't erase.

Her eyes, like starlight, hold a distant gleam,

Reflecting wisdom, beyond a youthful dream.

A smile that dances, like sunlight on the sea,

Warms the coldest night, and sets my spirit free.

Her hair, a cascade of moonlight in disguise,

Shimmers and flows, beneath celestial skies.

Her voice, a melody, on the wind it floats,

A gentle whisper, soothing troubled notes.

Her touch, a whisper, soft as falling snow,

Melting anxieties, where worries come and go.

She moves with grace, a whisper through the breeze,

A silent strength, that puts my soul at ease.

Her mind, a labyrinth, with secrets to unfold,

A depth of knowledge, waiting to be told.

A thirst for adventure, a fire in her soul,

A yearning for the unknown, to reach a distant goal.

She isn't perfect, flaws etched upon her skin,

A testament to battles fought and victories within.

But those imperfections make her all the more real,

A beauty that transcends, a story yet to reveal.

She challenges my thoughts, with wisdom in her gaze,

Inspires me to be better, in a thousand subtle ways.

She holds a mirror to my soul, reflecting what I see,

The good, the bad, the hidden parts of me.

We walk in landscapes, painted with dreamscape hues,

Where logic bends and reality imbues.

We climb on mountains, reaching for the sky,

And dance with fireflies, as shooting stars fly by.

Sometimes she's silent, a presence by my side,

A comforting warmth, in whom I can confide.

Other times we laugh, with joy that fills the air,

A shared connection, a bond beyond compare.

But when I wake, the dreamscape fades away,

The warmth of her presence, just a memory of the day.

A longing fills me, a hollow in my chest,

A yearning for a reality, where the dream can find its rest.

Is this a vision, a reflection of my soul?

A yearning for connection, to make myself whole?

Perhaps she's waiting, a part of me to find,

The strength, the courage, the love that's left behind.

So I carry her with me, in every waking thought,

A guiding light, a piece of what I've sought.

For even though she's a dream, a figment of my mind,

She shows me what's possible, a love I hope to find.


About the Creator

Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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Comments (1)

  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    It's lovely about the dream girl. But the real girl 😪

Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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