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Downside Up

An Inverse Poem

By Cheryl LynnPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Downside Up
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

It was all fine, for once. I had finally lifted the curse

But then, suddenly

Everything got so much worse

Just when I felt

This must be the lowest circle of hell

Never again will I be well

This is the ugliest monster that I have ever seen

This is the coldest and darkest that I have ever been

Stripped down to the marrow of my bones

All alone, all alone

I lost everything, I lost myself

My mental sanity, my physical health

I am nothing but a skeleton; No heart, no brain

Take it all away, until nothing remains

The same rancid thoughts buzzing around in my skull

Morbid and sordid and dreadfully dull

Like a swarm of killer bees defending their hive

These impulses will consume me, as long as I’m alive

Like a speed demon going faster and faster

Destroy the braincells which rebel against their master

They won’t

I hope


There are still those flickering flames of doubt

A spark of inspiration. What is this about?

Neither foe nor friend

Bring them all to an end

Disdain, despair, devastation

Recite the incantation

The forbidden rituals that I now know

Grasp and cling and clasp to drag me down below

And so the dark wicked spell is cast

Bleak enchantment comes to me at last

Be wary, darling, for you could be next

Suffering the consequences of your own hex

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About the Creator

Cheryl Lynn

I am a blogger and freelance journalist, specializing in music reviews, band interviews, and other entertainment related articles. I have also published poetry, fiction, and creative writing. http://undeadgoathead.com/links/portfolio/

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    Cheryl LynnWritten by Cheryl Lynn

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