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Down the Rabbit Painting

A Colorful Truth

By Michael K HerschmanPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

A rabbit wakes

A rabbit falls

And through it all

I stand tall

into the hole

feeling the toll–

Colors that were three

Now are twelve

All of these gradients

of bliss

We see more

Across our core

emotions more real

compassion more sore

Neural interface–

our vision resolution–

will heal

Every single case

a contribution

your retina sees heaven

Machines with our brains:

feigning lackluster pains

I have caught the insanity

and my mind moves quickly

I see color feverishly

I am alert terminally

and I will take you

To the dirt and grave with me

If you cannot see

Colorful reality


About the Creator

Michael K Herschman

I write and engineer, and I have hundreds of awesome poems. I hope feverishly to be well published soon. After that I hope to learn & heal.


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