Don’t You Dare

by Skylar Rella about a year ago in social commentary

Queer Activist Poem

Don’t You Dare

Don’t you dare pretend to be upset,

Try to offer support to the queer community,

Just because of the mass shooting of queer POC in Orlando.

Don’t you dare play like you’ve always been a queer ally,

Just because people are dead and you think it’s sad.

You don’t get to flip your opinions and attitude towards a group of people

Just because you want to distance yourself as much as possible

From the perpetrator of the hate crime,

To make sure you aren’t seen as the bad guy.

You aren’t fooling anybody.

You may not have been the shooter himself,

But if you contribute at all to our society’s anti-queer culture—

Including an act as seemingly small as complaining about

A same-gender couple kissing in public—

You are part of the problem,

And you are not allowed to act like you didn’t

Aid in the creation of the exact culture which

Made the shooter into the monster he became.

Don’t you dare lie in a time of tragedy

To make yourself look better.

This is a time of queer mourning and reflection,

And your straight, cis bullshit

Is not welcome.

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