Don't Say Goodbye

by Mary Queen about a year ago in heartbreak

Don't say goodbye.

Don't Say Goodbye

Heart's are broken,

Tears have fallen,

Pain is in our hearts,

To know what's happened,

To live without you,

Jesus, we're falling apart,

We wonder how this storm could hit,

The pain is severe, we don't understand,

I wish this feeling would quit,

We reach our arms out to feel,

We feel nothing,

We try to think, this can't be real,

As the dark clouds move,

And the light shines in,

I think I can open my eyes,

I think I can see your grin,

I try to breathe, no longer asking why,

I realize you are here,

The tears that we're once wet, have now begun to dry,

You are watching over the earth we walk,

You are now there to always listen,

To hear us when we talk,

You are now the one to see us smile,

To hear us laugh,

Though it may take a while,

You are now the beat to our hearts,

The happiness in our soul,

Your watching over the lives we live,

Your holding us up, keeping us whole,

Everyday we live, you are the air we breathe,

I'm beginning to think that you're still here,

We can't see you, but you didn't leave,

As the broken pieces of my heart start to mend,

I realize that you have become my guardian angel,

And I understand now, this isn't the end.

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Mary Queen

Writing has always been a passion for me. Ive always used it as a natural cure getting through both the best and worst parts of my life. I focus a lot on cause and effect, inspiration, and optimism. 

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