Don't Hold Back

by Gina Crow-Chief about a year ago in heartbreak


Don't Hold Back

Being enthusiastic about everything keeps me moving, I am expressive about everything I am passionate about.

I will never take steps back. As years gone by with many ups and downs, many different lessons learned, multiple mistakes made here and there. Days spent in bed, as life moves forward it won't wait for you very long before it hits the highway, you either let it turn the keys and hit the gas or jump in and take it for a ride.

I will never let fear get the best of me. W Clement Ston once said “Thinking will not overcome fear but action will” The thing I was scared of most was exactly what I needed to do, and that was to move forward and push myself to start new. The key to change is letting go of fear. I can write a million words about what I want in life, but it's my actions I'm more concerned about.

I will never let you hold me back anymore. I spent 4 years of my life with you in it, two felt like a dream, the other two felt like hell was on earth. Although we claim to dislike each other, love each other, this battle we fight daily only holds me back. I was depressed living in the past, I became anxious about trying to live in the future, what keeps me at peace is living in the present without you.

I will always remember the struggle of what got me here. We are only human, no one better than the other, no one less. Fighting battles like we live in the war day to day, letting it control our lives we forget we are the ones in control of our own weapons and what we use to help us win this fight. You either use the biggest weapon or the small white flag, it's up to you. I pick the white flag, not because I am giving up but I rather end my own war to move forward.

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