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Don't Give Up on You

by Zke B 3 years ago in inspirational


Deeper it seems not a single light that gleams.

At one point you feel so happy til the next day you can't breathe.

Surrounding yourself in fear with no one who is near.

Unsure of what life can bring you but you still try to pull through.

Nothing is going right my mind keeps telling me.

Why do I let such negative words define me.

Breaking every door it's my thoughts I need to ignore.

Facing my own struggles day by day I don't want to start another day.

I look around me and find that I'm still NOT me.

My face is smiling but mind is drowning.

I know there is hope... why can't I see that?

With dreams from others are flourishing I can feel their happiness.

So close yet so far away.

I know I can feel that too.

Another day comes my eyes wide open doors are shut but I got to keep hoping...

My face is numb with my thoughts flowing through.

I take a look in the mirror of me myself my own enemy.

I stare at my reflection to find her needing her to pull through.

I drop to the floor and pray for her.

As I open my eyes filled with tears I felt a warm heart bursting for air.

As I stand up and look at my reflection and smile that never appeared so bright made it clear.

Her fear of being not good enough not strong enough not worthy enough PUSHED AWAY.

The light guided her back.

The person she had feared was her own negative thoughts.

The person she never thought would be... was herself.

The fear of my own self-worth.

I took a deep breathe and as I slowly made my way back to myself and kept going.

Not everyday was perfect but life never stopped giving me a chance.

A chance to renew, restore, replenish as the days gone by.

Deep breathe, your biggest enemy will keep you from standing unless you keep fighting to stand.

Love yourself for the better and know that it will get better in time.

Have faith in YOU! 🙏❤


Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash


Zke B

I over analyze things and often think too much so I felt that I needed to write... To free my thoughts💕

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Zke B
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