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Don’t Crack Plumber!

by Yona Vaughan about a year ago in excerpts

By Yona Vaughan

Don't Crack Plumber! 


Wired to fix plumbing on sight, thirsty plumber,

you shouldn't lay that pipe. 


Wouldn't be right to the manager who manages

his work. And, he'd end up being the jerk on her

chain if he fixed the jobs bewitching his brain. 


So, he fights to abstain from working on water

problems that mob him and taunt, the very 

nature of a plumber to want to lay that pipe. 


Those jobs are ripe for the picking but he's

sticking with his current employment and not 

the quick enjoyment that'll get him fired. 


It's the expectation under which he was hired. 

Loyalty to her company until retired, is a rule 

many plumbers aspire to, as they drool by their

box of tools they can only use under management's 


Excerpt From

Don't Feed that Pigeon!

by Yona Vaughan


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