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Do you love me naw

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By RozefunPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
love my

Do You Love Me Now?**

In shadows cast, where whispers roam,

A question lingers in a fragile home.

'Do you love me now,' I softly ask,

As doubt and longing fill my weary mask.

Time has passed, wounds have slowly healed,

Yet echoes of the past my heart concealed.

Through trials faced and barriers to mend,

I seek an answer, hoping to transcend.

With trembling voice, I utter the plea,

Longing for reassurance, for you to see

The depths of my affection, true and pure,

That time and distance could not obscure.

Have memories faded, love's flame grown dim?

Or does passion still burn beneath the skin?

The answer lies within your heart and mind,

A truth I seek, both fearful and inclined.

The weight of silence hangs heavy in the air,

As I await your words with trembling prayer.

Do you love me now, as in days of yore?

Or has love's flame extinguished at our core?

With every beat of an anxious heart,

I yearn for a sign, a spark to restart

The fire that once burned so bright and bold.

Tell me, my love, do you still my story hold?

In this moment's truth, I lay bare my soul,

Seeking solace in the depths of your control.

Do you love me now, as I love you still?

May our love's eternal flame forever fill.

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