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Do You

Do you stop or do you simply move on??

By EAMPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Do You
Photo by Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash

When things don't feel the same,

And you don't know who to blame,

What do you do?

Do you scream out in agony,

Do you shout out in your misery,

Or do you just drink up the pain?

Do you let the tears roll down your cheeks,

Do you count the days as they turn to weeks,

Or do you just forget what happened?

Do you let your body slide against the wall,

Do you look at the phone, waiting for a call,

Or do you just pretend you're alright?

Do you lock your bedroom door,

Do you weep, sitting on the floor,

Or do you walk away like it's normal?

Do you think about what you've lost,

Do you wonder if it was all your fault,

Or do you just embrace the present?

Do you reminisce your dark history,

Do you fight a war with your memory,

Or do you just accept that things have changed?

Do you close your eyes when it rains,

Do you gaze out of the window panes,

Or do you just agree with what's new?

Do you curse your own fate,

Do you wander the streets till late,

Or do you just go on with your life?

Do you execrate your destiny,

Do you loathe your heart for its jealousy,

Or do you just ignore all your aches?

Do you maledict your future,

Do you construe sad literature,

Or do you just act as if you're okay?

Do you scroll through their pictures,

Do you caress their heavenly features,

Or do you just tolerate the struggles?

Do you fake that you're happy,

Do you hide that you're angry,

Or do you just face up to your feelings?

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