Do You Ask?

A Poem

Do You Ask?

Do you ever ask

If a leaf knows its end?

In winter,

Do you ever wonder if it’ll grow its green again?

Do you ever ask

If the tide will rise

Or fall seamlessly

To its demise?

Do you ever ask

If the flame will burn out

Or extinguish itself

With ashes bound south?

Do you ever ask

If the air here is enough

Or notice how

Breathing is too tough?

These are the questions

My existence demands knowing.

My head, swayed by thoughts and information

Cannot simply complete this equation

And measure the sensation

And put on a presentation




What do I ask?

What more do I demand from the Ruler who cannot aid me any more

Than I can aid Him.

I have grown used to the fact

That if you want answers

You’re not going to get them.

Not easily anyways.

But rather in most painful ways possible.

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Mihaela Vasileva

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