Life as a Poet Knows It
Life as a Poet Knows It

Discover the Art and Craft of Poetry

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Preserve Your Emotions in Poetry

Discover the Art and Craft of Poetry

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Poetry reading and writing has always been of great interest to many over the years, the decades, and the centuries. Poetry has been respected as a literary art all over the world, in all cultures, heritages, and languages.

Poetry has undergone great transformations over the years. The poets of today stand tall on the shoulders of those great poets like William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Henry W. Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, William Blake, Wilfred Owen, and Shelley, whose poems and writings are immortal and have an impact in shaping the destiny of mankind.

Discovering the Art of Poetry

One of the best ways to discover the art of poetry writing is to visit the library and to read the work of some of the greatest poets who have walked the Earth. Next, it would be a good idea to study the structure and the pattern of the various types of poems, from Romantic poetry to Nature poems and from epics and ballads to sonnets, elegies, odes, and epigrams. The 16th century Japanese Haiku and the new free verse of modern society are two examples of the evolution of poetry.

Listening to poems can help to put you into a poetic frame of mind, while helping you to appreciate the beauty and the structure of the poems.

Reading poems can help you to feel the rhythm of the poems and appreciate the manner in which the poet has treated his subject.

Writing poetry is a great experience in itself. The three stages in writing a poem of value would be to capture an idea, visualize the thought, select a few words related to the concept, with a ring to them and then proceed to develop your idea in the form of verse. Try creating couplets, if you are good at rhyming and then start to create a style following a pattern of poems you have read. But, if you like freedom, try writing your poem in free verse.

Experiencing Poetry in your life

The best way to experience poetry is to think and feel like a poet. See the beauty in everything around you. Know that all life is connected. Read the work of the great poets and visualize all the powerful images and feelings which they have invoked within you.

Every little idea has the potential to become a powerful poem, with the right words and the right meaning giving it life.

Poetry Therapy

I have found the writing of poetry very therapeutic. Poetry gives you the opportunity to express your feelings in words and images. It also gives you a chance to put words to all the ideas which come to your mind and which would be lost forever, if they are not put to some creative use.

When you feel unhappy, read or listen to a poem that can help you to alleviate your mood and make your day more pleasant.

When you are happy about some new event occurring in your life or in the world around you, take some time to put your feelings of the moment into a few lines. I find that it is a challenge to be able to put a big idea into a few lines of verse.

When you are looking for a challenge, take the time to write a poem on a boring subject, and make it a poem to grab the interest of your reader. I practised writing poems based on historical fact, to make it more interesting and mentally appetizing for a reader.

A poem is an excellent way to channel your creative talents. You can create a poem which may seem frivolous today, but which at sometime or for someone else have a deeper meaning. Make an attempt at trying your hand at writing all types of poems. It is always best to let your thoughts flow when you are writing poetry, this is one of the best ways for releasing your creativity.

There have been times when I have written more than five to ten poems in a day. It was just that the ideas started flowing, and there came a time when the poetry would write itself. What do I mean by saying that a poem would write itself? This means that the words, the images, the rhyme and the rhythm would all fall into place seemingly by magic once I had a concrete image or concept in my mind about the concept I wanted to write about. I have been writing poems from the age of seventeen, my first poem being, The Lady of the Sea. Since that poem, I have not looked back. I do hope that you find the writing of poetry as enjoyable and therapeutic as I do. I would like to wish you all the best for your future endeavours in writing poems for yourself, your family and the poetry lovers of the world.

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