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Dirt... The Black Woman... Life

A Point to Change the Stigma Around Black Women and Dirt; A Poem

By Edens FleurizardPublished 7 years ago 2 min read
Top Story - July 2017
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The black woman is dirt

Yes. Ah yes, you heard me right, I said: the black woman is dirt

But before you go up in arms listen to what I have to say first

The black woman is indeed dirt

I say this in all seriousness, this is not a game

You see similar colors and textures and are ignorant to the fact that not all dirt is the same

The black woman is dirt

She is whom everyone walks on, kicks up, and beats down

She seems so uncleanly and the thought of being wrapped by her puts you in a space in which you are 6 feet underground

The black woman is dirt

She is, often times, filled with seeds by people who talk of flowers but won't even water their buds weekly

She is used, used, and again, used

For nothing more than to bear the fruit in which we consume

The black woman is dirt

People, poke her, prod her, rake her, stick her with hoes

And when she doesn't give you what you want she is left dry, plowed, and compliant because she's not allowed to say no

We sit on her, shit on her, piss on her, spit on her, do these things that are so vile

Littering, degrading her body as opposed to appreciating her soil profile

The black woman is dirt

The sad thing is, she's been feeding us and housing us, only when things go south is when you hear of her importance that they tout

The only time you can witness her true clout is through death, famine, and drought.

The black woman is dirt

She is stretched thin, sprayed down, used, by animals

The black woman is dirt

The very base of life on this earth

Beaten into submission coerced into dation

Yet still finding grass to give, she is literally our foundation. But you don't get that

She is never in the spotlight, given credit, or adored even she is where our fresh water is stored

The black woman is dirt,

Unappreciated, Unacknowledged, treated as the worst.

And without her, none of us would survive on this Earth

Because; the black woman is dirt

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