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Devils Advocate or Angels Critic

Distraction & Obstruction of Justice

By Leeza CooperPublished 11 months ago Updated 11 months ago 1 min read
Pinterest. Tu eres luz, tu eres fuego; Dark & Light Angels

Devils advocate or Angels critic?

Impetuous loopholes circulating, madly

Scanning feverishly for ignition, sadly

Time is a bomb, ticking,

Remember ethical codes, slipping

A war of veils, stolen land,

Contemplating the line of sand

Tyrannical forces or patriots revolt, raise your sword or turn and bolt?

I see you, you see me,

Our planet stolen, or is it free?

Non-negotiable terms for humanities survival, welcome New World revival.

By ~mpowerusleeza~

social commentary

About the Creator

Leeza Cooper

Leeza Cooper, a devotee, artiste, creator of published literature & poetry; Studied Degree CU, founder/president of Wheels & Dolls SMC; raising funds for DV, lover of travel, nostalgia & anything vintage.

Ms Australia International 2023.

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